How You Can Get Involved......... 

Donate a heated waterbowl - Water is just as important as food for the colony cats. In winter a cat burns twice the calories that it does in summer, making it harder for them to maintain the body fat that helps to keep them warm. Licking the snow for hydration will cause the cat's body temperature to drop. The cat then burns extra calories to reheat itself. A heated waterdish keeps their water from freezing and the cats from having to burn precious calories.

Donate cat food - Many caregivers, prior to getting their cats TNR'd, have watched their colonies grow in size each year. Feeding the colony can become expensive, often times resulting in hardship for the caregiver who has assumed the responsibility of feeding these cats when no one else will.


Donate a storage tote - A smaller tote, filled with straw and placed inside a larger tote makes for a affordable winter shelter for the colony cats. Insulation is placed between the two totes and on the bottom. A 6" hole is cut on the side of each tote to allow the cats access to the inside. Being able to get out of the cold and wet can mean the difference between life and death for an outside cat.

Sponsor a colony - There is a $25.00 copay per cat that is paid by the cargiver to help cover the cost of the TNR surgery. Some caregiver are not financially able to pay this fee. You can donate the copay for a specified colony. Your donation can remain anonymous or your name will be given to the caregiver so that they can thank you personally. Either way, your donation is tax deductible.


Shop Amazon Smile - When shopping on Amazon log in at and choose My Feral Fix as the charitable organization that you would like to support. Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to My Feral Fix. There is no cost to you and Amazon Smile has all the same items for sale as the regular Amazon site. Click on the link to start shopping and donating today.